How to apply an Indian e-Visa for Filipino

whoah! Got my double entries granted e-visa within 24hrs.

Taj Mahal in India is one of my bucket lists to visit. I am fascinated by how the mausoleum built and interested in the love story behind it as it is also known as the Monument of love. Since, I’m interested not only in the Taj Mahal but also in Indian culture, cuisine and other tourist attractions, I have decided to visit India to experience, try their food, learn their culture and to cross out one of my bucket lists. Here I will share how I applied and got my approved e-Visa to India;


First, prepare the following requirements needed in applying E-visa online

  • Scan your Passport bio page in pdf format. Size should be minimum of a 10KB maximum of 300KB.
  • Scan your 2×2 Photograph in jpeg format. Size should be 10KB to 1MB with a minimum of 350 pixels both dimensions
  • Payment ( $80 for visa + 2.5% banking charge = $82)

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 yipeeee!  i got 1 year multi visa to Ireland! 

Fancy about Irish accent? Keen to witness the beauty of Ireland? Wanted to experience the unpredictable weather or maybe wanted to meet friendly Irish people?  Sure after you experience all of that, visiting Ireland would be your CUP OF TEA!

I just want to share how I successfully got my 1 year multiple entries Tourist/Visit Irish Visa;


First, you need to do online Visa application, I recommendthat your Passport and details of any previous passports – number, date ofissue/expiry, details of any previous Irish visa applications is ready with youlike the first part of the questions are about your passport details.

You can download the application form here:

During the application process, you can save your application, just make sure that you note down your application ID. Exit the online form and return later to complete it (within 30 days).

Then, prepare the following required documents that you need to submit to your Tourist/Visit Visa application:

  • Passport (at least 6 months valid from the date of travel)and must contain 2 empty visa pages.
  •  Copy of Passport bio page, all visa & immigration stamps for all travel including UAE residence visa page
  • Visa Application Form (please don’t leave any blank,just put N/A if not applicable and double check if everything you wrote in the form is correct)
  • 2 recent passport-size Photograph showing full face with white background (35mm x 45mm with the head centered in the frame. The Head measured from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin should measure at least 30 mm)

Documents to prove the ability to pay for travel expenses;

  • Copy of Bank Statement – must need last 6 months bank statement to prove that you are financially capable of supporting yourself for the period of your stay in Ireland. (I also attached my 3 mos. Pay slip)
  • Certificate of Employment or Salary Certificate- must indicate the position, monthly salary and leave period of the applicant to be stated. (Dated within the 4 week period immediately prior to your application date)
  • I also attached NOC (No Objection Certificate) from my Company and a copy of my approved Leave application 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Invitation Letter if any or Cover Letter indicating the reason for your travel to Ireland

Since my boyfriend is an Irish National, he made a letter of invitation, inviting me to celebrate Christmas and New Year with his family. He also mentioned in his letter our other plans of visit in Ireland for the next year and a guarantee letter that he will take responsibility while I am in their home country.

I also attached his Passport, Visa and Emirates ID copy along with his letter.

Once all the requirements are completed, login with your application ID online, double check all the details if correct and submit your application. Print your application form and obtain your signature.

You can now submit your Visa application along with your requirements in your preferred date.

You may book an appointment at a visa application centre or you can walk-in during the submission times.

Where to apply:

Wafi Mall, Level 2
Falcon, Phase 2,
Umm Hurair 2, Dubai, UAE

Please note that the Visa application submission is onlyfrom 9 am to 3 pm and for the collection of passport is from 4 pm to 5 pm only.Sunday to Thursday. Please check first their list of holidays before going.

Helpline: +97142055912

You can apply for a visa up to 3 months before your preferred travel date to Ireland.

Visa Fees:

Single Entry: AED270

Multiple Entry: AED450

VFS Service Fee: AED180

Premium: AED945 (including the Multiple entry Visa fee,courier service and SMS fee to update you in your visa processing, water,coffee while waiting)

Please note that they’re accepting cash only. So prepare your payment by cash.

After 10 days, I received my Passport copy with 1 year multi entry visa stamp to Ireland.

Note: This is my second approved visa to Ireland, the first one i applied before directly in the Irish Consulate.

How to apply Japan Visa for Filipino residing in Dubai

Planning to visit the land of the rising sun? imagining you’re in the middle of cherry blossoms, eating black egg with the view of Mt.Fuji or soaking yourself in an Onsen bath. Wondering how to get a Japan Visa especially if you’re living in Dubai?

I wanted to share you how I successfully got my 15 days tourist visit Japan visa.

First: PRAY, have FAITH and CLAIM IT!

Prepare the following required documents that you need to submit in your Tourist Visa application:

  • Passport (with more than 2 blank visa pages, at least 6 months remaining validity)
  • Copy of Passport (including UAE residence visa page)
  • Visa Application Form (please don’t leave any blank, just put N\A if not applicable and double check if everything you write in the form are correct)

You can download the application form here

  • Photo (1 recent clear photo taken within 6months, size should be 4.5cm x 4.5cm (2×2) with white background and it must be pasted on the application form. Please do not staple or else they will not accept it.
  • Copy of confirmation for Flight Booking (if you dont have credit card you can book your ticket to any travel agencies near in your place.)
  • Copy of confirmation of Accomodation ( i booked my accomodation in, lots of hotel accomodation offers free cancellation of booking so you can cancel the previous booking and choose again if you find a cheaper one and it is free of charge. However, you can book your hotel through travel agencies if you dont have credit card).
  • Schedule of stay in Japan or Travel Itinerary (you can also check my schedule of stay below for your reference. 

you can download the template here

  • Documents to prove ability to pay for travel expenses;
  1. Certificate of Employment- must indicate the position, monthly salary and leave period of applicant to be stated.
  2. Copy of Bank Statement- must need last 3 months bank statement to show that you are financially capable of supporting yourself for the period of of your stay in Japan.
  • Proof of current Address (Etisalat or Du landline bills or DEWA bills etc. even if it’s not under your name it is ok. I dont think it is mandatory because they only check mine but didn’t collect it. But better to provide to be sure.

For those who will get short term business visa or visit visa purposes, you can check

Where to apply:

What’s good here in Dubai is booking an appoinment for visa application is not required. You just need to go directly in Consulate General of Japan here in Dubai. It is located at 28th floor Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai, UAE P.O Box 9336 just a 5-10 minutes walk from World Trade Centre station.

Contact no. +97143319191 (8am-3pm) Fax no. +97143319292

Email add:

Please note that visa application is only from 9am to 12pm and for visa collection is from 12pm to 1pm only. Sunday – Thursday but better to check first their list of holidays before you go to the Consulate.

Once you reached the Consulate they will check your belogings,collect your mobile phone (phone is not allowed inside) and register your name so be ready with your ID. Go directly in the machine and get your number, wait for your number to be called. Just relax and make sure that you know everything in your itinerary as they will ask few questions regarding to where and why do you want to visit Japan, your job in Dubai and how long have you been working in Dubai. It will take approximately 5-10 minutes. after collecting your requirements they will give you a receipt and sticker with number with the date of collection of your passport.

The best part is you don’t need to pay anything as visa application is FREE for Filipino. I got my visa after 6days. Japan here i come! 😊